My Story

Why I Love Working With Dogs

Growing up in Switzerland I spent a lot of time on the farm where I was surrounded by a number of different animals. Horses were my passion, but as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had the desire to help all animals. Although horses was my passion, I remember watching the farm dog at work. This was the first time I actually paid attention to what he was doing. As I watched I was quickly amazed how super intelligent this dog was. It was like the dog understood the human language as it literally done everything his owner wanted him to do with perfection. I was mind blown, intrigued and started wondering how a dog came to understand all its command. I had found a new passion, now being drawn to this amazing dog.


In Switzerland there was a law which required anyone who wanted a dog as a pet had to attend a four hour practical obedience class, and an additional theory course for first time owners. When I came to the uk one of the first things I noticed about dogs in comparison to the dogs in Switzerland was that these dogs was not as well trained. With the knowledge I gained from Switzerland, I started helping local dog owners better understand their pet. I soon had more people coming to me for advice which made me feel very empowering and responsible for advocating a positive connection between owners and their dogs.


Why we work with dogs


Every new dog we have the privilege to work with is different. New dogs, people, places, we always get an exciting buzz meeting our new human and dog clients. A new adventure and behaviors to train brings out our desire to achieve the outcome to better the relationships between owner and dog. Its extremely important that we can use our knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of dogs who not only needs it but deserve it.


Having the opportunity to work on a daily basis with our favorite animals while helping dog owners gain a better understanding and knowledge on how to best communicate with their dog or puppy will help continue building a great relationship for both owner, dog and the animals themselves will have a loved, fun and enjoyable life.

Meet with us and our friendly dogs

This is Zorro’s the German shepherd session playing with Zahra and an Akita.