What We Do

Helping you to create the best relationship with your dog

Out for a stroll or walk,  we can help your dog or puppy joyfully walk on the lead without pulling and return to you straight away on call when of lead.

Children should feel involved

We believe its important if you have children, they feel part of the team and included when it comes to training your dog or puppy. We teach your children how to better understand, train their dog or puppy and the responsibilities that comes with having such a beautiful animal.

 Children helping with responsibilities

Having a family dog can also teach children about responsibility. Daily exercising, cleaning, feeding, the right love and affection that all dogs deserves will help children understand the importance of obligation and consistency. This will help guide the children to have a better understanding of their dog or puppy and be responsible in a happy positive way.

We believe dog duty should be reinforce positively so your children has a positive, fun, exciting experience and should see dog duties as a privilege rather than as a chore. Making it fun will make your child eager to help and take on the responsibilities.

 We teach you to communicate properly with your dog

Because dogs communicate differently from humans, it is more difficult for humans to interpret their emotional states.

The body language of dogs is one form of non-verbal communication whereby dogs can express emotions and intentions through body movements. This form of communication is generally used for identifying emotions and intentions of domestic dogs.

By properly interpreting the body language of dogs, humans are able to decipher what a dog is trying to communicate and are also able to recognize positive communications or warning signs.